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About Fizz Goes Pop

Fizz Goes Pop is a Cardiff-based, female-operated brand creating an array of showstopping products. Most commonly using Perspex; statement jewellery, home decor and DIY kits are just some of what you can expect from this constantly developing and ambitious designer.


Behind the brand is Lizzie Iafrate, who combines her background in graphic design with her love for the bold, bright, and colourful. Her meticulous skill and attention to detail sing through every element of the business, from the products themselves to her stunning collaborative photoshoots, featuring models from all walks of life. She passionately champions her will for her products to be inclusive of everyone, whoever they are.


Fizz Goes Pop has a large online following, and Lizzie is known for talking to her followers in personal, no-nonsense, and humorous Instagram stories. Included amongst her scrollers is stylist Benjamin Bruno, who, in 2019, requested to feature some earrings in ‘Tickled Pink’ - the bold, modern, and festive fashion editorial in the December 2019 edition of British Vogue. There on its pages, you will find the Fizz Goes Pop Laser Cut Perspex Geo Earrings.


Lizzie invested in her own laser cutter in 2018 to keep up with the demand of her success and to ensure she had as much of a hand in the production of her products as possible. This was also shortly after The Printhaus, a community-based print workshop with artists' studios - one of which was Lizzie’s - had to relocate. She now works from a converted garage space at her parent's house with beautiful garden views and space for Bruce, her dog.


As a brand, Fizz Goes Pop cares about the environment and seeks ways to be as responsible as possible. Perspex offcuts - otherwise waste material - can be found in repurposed products cast in resin, such as earrings and desk tidies. If you order some, they will be sent wrapped in beautiful, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging. Furthermore, every time you place an order, a tree will be planted as the brand has teamed up with Ecologi to help offset its carbon footprint.


Fizz Goes Pop: the dynamite with a laser beam. Join the community of people who will go up to each other in the street when they spot someone donning FGP. You will look, and feel, amazing.

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