Xmas cut off 🌍 22nd November 🇬🇧 6th December Up to 3wk lead time atm ❤



Outlined below this COVID specific information is all my regular postal information. 

I am still working as best as I can to the rules I outline for despatch, but please note that with changes in access to my laser cutter, levels of work and general pandemic anxieties my work is now taking at least the maximum two weeks despatch time, coupled with the Christmas build up i would like to make it clear it could take up to three weeks despatch. If this is an issue please get in touch. 

My recommendation for everyone is to select tracked/signed postage. For a couple of extra pounds you will have the security of knowing that you item will show up. 

I have had no lost post at this time, but items are taking up to three weeks or longer to arrive in the UK, internationally again no issues, but i would urge tracked postage. 


In most cases your item is made to order and therefore can take three weeks to prepare and send during this christmas period. However it is always worth checking to see if I can rush a job as I have sometimes do have items in stock ready to go, or I may have a time slot available to be able to rush something for you. But to save disappointment and to ensure I am able to fulfil all orders I try to be as honest as possible.

Please note that ALL items are sent via Royal Mail and in the normal post system, I can provide proof of postage but not tracking information unless you choose to pay for tracking. I keep all my prices low and fair, and therefore your costs include the following items which I deem important for my business, fully recyclable packaging including all tapes and any plastic sleeves, information cards for safe storage at home, and hand written notes thanking each customer personally. 

If you require postage upgrades please get in touch and we can discuss options for you.

I can assume no responsibility for lost post. On the advice of my local post office I have been told that Royal Mail allow up to 20 working days for delivery of 1st class mail, so therefore no guarantee is made by the postal service unless you upgrade accordingly. 

Of course these dates are irrelevant if you are in international customer, but again, I send orders in the normal post and with no guarantee. So similarly if you are international and would like guaranteed postage for tracking please get in touch. 

Larger items:

These are all made to order and will have varying despatch times roughly of 5-6 weeks- dependant on levels of work and intricacy of design. These pieces are always worth an email or chat before you buy to ensure everyone is happy. 

My advice, again, if you are rushed please get in touch.

Same as UK mail I send international mail in the normal post. If you require tracking then I will be able to do so at extra cost.

If any of this confuses you please get in touch hello@fizzgoespop.com


Thank you!!