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Sustainability and what I do to help with my business, PART 1

Sustainability, the buzz word. It can be really hard to be sustainable in a world that produced so much stuff ALL THE TIME. It feels almost impossible and pointless.  I covered the basics a very long ago, which for me start with fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging. I send my parcels wrapped in recyclable paper and labels, including recyclable paper tape, you can find what i use here at The Plastic Free Shop. The tape is designed to be passed through the recycling process when the cardboard/wrapping paper has been used, it is also vegan.  I also make sure my paper for wrapping is acid free, and made from water based inks, I use bespoke tissue from No Issue, it is eco-friendly tissue...

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Top picks to take you from Winter to Spring

Do you struggle going from the full glam of Christmas to transitioning to Spring and the lighter months? With so much pressure to have fun and be fun, the come down in January can be hard hitting.  I don't just mean emotionally either! We are bombarded during the Christmas period with moody hues, stars, celestial and glamour, and then what? Well i've created this edit to show you what i have on offer that can keep your jewellery juices flowing and take you effortlessly into the lighter days.  1: Forget Me Not Hoops, £30 Some light florals that are perfect for Spring are my forget me not hoops earrings, set on thin ply, engraved gloss blue and glittering pearl details,...

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Studio refit progress!

It's been a long while coming, but I am FINALLY sorting my studio out! I've been half in and half out of my parents garage for a year and a half now. Well, that is technically a lie, I've had my laser cutter at their garage for 2 years, but before I set up camp in their space I had a beautiful studio in The Printhaus, I would split my time between the two locations, cutting my work at my parents, and assembling, sending and designing in The Printhaus.  When the Printhaus closed (thank you capitalism!) and moved to it's new location in Chapter I had to down tools and figure out where I would now work from.  I trialled a couple of...

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